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Standard Pricing

Choose a customizable plan that’s right for your hiring needs.


Basic service improves candidate experience and volume Ideal for teams who need help increasing applicant flow, while improving their employer brand

Unlimited Posting & Hires 3 feature jobs


Limitless hiring with job video creation Ideal for teams who need help getting qualified applicants & enhancing employer brand awareness

Unlimited Posting & Hires 6 feature jobs


Full service integrated system with dedicated recruiters Ideal for teams who are overwhelmed with clinical hiring and need TA process support

Unlimited Posting & Hires 15 feature jobs
Priced Annually (10% Savings) $2250 $4500 $8,100 - $25k+
Priced Monthly $2500 $5000 $9,000 - $25k+
Job Postings & Career Site: Attract & build a larger pool of quality candidates with:
  • Customized job posting
  • Mobile optimized applications
  • Mobile-friendly micro career site
  • Quick apply enabled
  • Embedded video jobs
Applicant Tracking System: Manage, rank, discuss, and track your candidates with:
  • New candidate email alerts
  • Searchable resume database
  • Export candidates to HRIS
  • Candidate importer
  • Custom workflows
  • Email message templates
Recruitment Marketing: Reach & engage candidates where they are…ONLINE, with:
  • Sponsored Indeed & Google Search
  • Facebook or LinkedIn advertising
  • Geotargeting
  • Display and video ads
  • Ad campaign management
  • Candidate retargeting
(Basic) $500 value (Pro) $1500 value (Max²) $5500 value
Video Jobs: Provide candidates a realistic organizational & job preview with:
  • Recruitment video production
  • Video hosting
  • Site & job posting embedding

Add-On Available
On-demand recruiters: Create a seamless TA process while alleviating time consuming tasks for HR with:
  • Call candidates in 1-3 business days
  • Active & passive engagement
  • Manage candidate pipeline
  • Submit only qualified candidates
  • Schedule interviews
  • Offer-stage assistance
MaxBot - A.I. Chatbot: Simplify, enhance, automate, and digitize the entire TA process with:
  • Candidate pre-screening
  • Text & email blasts
  • AI-powered FAQs
  • Website widget
  • Calendar integration
  • 500 candidate chats/month

Add-On Available
HR Max Dash: Stay efficient, organized, and compliant through live data with:
  • Interactive live dashboard
  • Track recruiting KPIs
  • Track marketing KPIs
  • 24/7 mobile access
  • Insightful analytics
  • Customizable
Basic Full Custom
HRM Membership: Build a national recruitment brand & stay informed with:
  • Nationwide incentives & comp report
  • Interactive Map
  • Monthly updated job posting index
  • Monthly coaching calls
  • Healthcare recruiting 10 step bootcamp access

Choosing The Best Plan For You

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HR Maximizer Membership

HR Maximizer offers a membership program that gives healthcare organizations additional innovative content for building a national recruitment brand that attracts providers and clinicians. New content is uploaded on a monthly basis to the growing library of talent acquisition and recruitment strategy content. In addition to this on-demand content, you will also receive a monthly invitation to a live video call with other members and first-access to specialized research.

  • Simplifying the job application process
  • Technology solution selection for RN recruitment
  • Shortening the interview and offer process
  • Identifying the competitive landscape for provider|clinical recruitment
  • Repositioning/branding in the most advantageous way
  • Offering communication and transparency of the job via pictures and video
  • What types of pictures and videos should be used
  • Distributing media rich content on devices where RNs will see it
  • Leveraging hiring events
  • Metrics and reporting for reporting to leadership
HR Maximizer Membership

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